As you know, every company has a core purpose (beyond merely profit). When it comes down to it, embedded within every company’s core purpose lies an innate intention to contribute to humanity in some way. Whether it is by bringing people more joy through delicious foods, by making people’s lives easier through particular products or by assisting people to lead healthy lives through certain services. What often happens however, is that companies become so fixated on profit that they start to neglect their core purpose. Or worse, they become seemingly obsessed with their core purpose at the ironic expense of the people who actually work for them; The people that they have the biggest opportunity and in fact duty to contribute to. Poor leadership, unreasonable demands, and a toxic culture are rife examples of how this plays out.

Kevin and I (Nikki) are up for a HUGE game in life. We are up for empowering businesses to pit people on par with profit. The best way we know how? By introducing regular meditation into the fabric of all organisations. Meditation is the most powerful tool we have come across which can revolutionalise an entire company. When practiced regularly, meditation transforms both individual and collective mindsets, which in turn sparks constructive behavioural changes, which empowers leadership, inspires purpose, strengthens culture, and enhances overall performance.

Put it this way: If the effects of meditation could be taken in the form of a pill, EVERYBODY would be taking it. Some of the most commonly found benefits of meditation both reported subjectively by practitioners, and backed up by scientific studies are:

  • Calm, reduced stress and the ability to handle potentially stressful situations with ease and equilibrium.
  • More accurate and in-depth self-awareness, enabling individuals to manage their thinking, emotions and behaviour more effectively – even when under pressure.
  • A greater ability to “reframe” – to be able to see a problem situation from a different perspective by viewing it in the framework of a larger context.
  • Increased creativity – the ability to think in non-linear, open ended ways, outside the box.
  • Greater “field independence” – maintaining one’s ability to see, understand and respond to various issues and people without being unduly influenced by external pressures.
  • Increased resilience – the ability to bounce back from and make better use of negative or adverse circumstances.
  • Improved performance and productivity in all aspects of life.
  • Improved personal and workplace relationships, and the ability to work well in teams.
  • A greater feeling of well-being, and an overall improvement in health and energy.

We know we can’t win our game in life alone. That’s why we have on board some of the most experienced meditation and leadership gurus in the industry (excuse the pun). Now we need your help. You’re experiencing it yourself, now imagine if everyone around you was too. So we are requesting an introduction to your company. Find out who the decision-maker is and set us up with an introduction.

If the intro…

  1. Lands your company a one-off guided meditation session or workshop, we’ll gift you a $50 credit to the studio.
  2. Secures a short-term meditation and mindfulness program (4-6 weeks long), you’ll receive 4 weeks of meditation on us ($128 worth).
  3. Initiates a large-scale meditation and mindfulness or leadership and culture program (3-6 months), you can enjoy a 3 month membership to the studio, no charge.

–> Keep in mind we can service your company in our purpose-built studio or in the convenience of your workplace.

Reply NOW to let us know if you are up for playing the game!