Today is my (Nikki’s) 30th Birthday! Some of you might be thinking “Only 30 – she is such a baby!”, whilst others are more like “Wow – 30 is so old”! When Kevin turned 30, five years ago – I know I was definitely the latter. Thirty seemed like such a milestone, a real adult! Now that I’ve arrived here myself, of course it’s not as of a big deal as I made it out to be. Yet in the weeks leading up to this day, I’ve taken the opportunity to reflect on the decade that was and project into the decade that’s coming. And I thought I would share with you my insights here…

My twenties was a period of intense personal growth and development. It kickstarted off with an existential crisis – questioning the meaning of life, wondering what my purpose was, pondering the universe. Battling with some form of anxiety throughout my Psychology undergraduate degree (although never clinically diagnosed) fortunately led me to meditation. That opened me up to a whole new world! Kevin and I spent five months in India exploring Eastern philosophies, meditating in caves, and living in ashrams. On return, I spent three years becoming an Ayurvedic Practitioner (Indian Medicine) whilst Kevin and I founded Centred Meditation, discovering all the lessons a new start-up has to offer. We then dived into an 18 month intensive in Ontology (the nature of being) through our participation in Landmark‘s programs which subsequently brought me back to complete my Psychology Honours equivalent (a dream I had long convinced myself out of). What a journey!

On reflection, my twenties was very ‘me-oriented’. I powerfully peeled back a lot of layers of my identity that didn’t serve me and discovered who I really was beneath it all (perhaps a never-ending process in itself). Upon entering my thirties, I am now dedicating myself to empowering others to discover who they really are beyond all their own layers through meditation, mindfulness, coaching, and psychology. I am also dedicating myself to having children and raising a new kind of humankind – one based on calm, compassion, connection, and commitment. The journey continues!

Thank you to all our dedicated guests and readers for being such a big part of my journey and giving me the space to express what really matters to me and fulfill on my commitments in life 🙂