It was one of those mornings.

I’m on the way to the train station and I realise that my lunch has leaked all over my jacket and it’s seeped into my pants. I smell like my chickpea curry! I arrive at the platform, and my train has just departed. The next one isn’t for 6 minutes! I’m setting up the studio and one of the light bulbs has blown. I don’t have time to change it! To make matters worse, the iPod is dead. It needs to be charged!

So herein lies a fork in the road which I am very conscious of. A) I can take it as an omen and wallow in my bad luck all day. B) I can take it in my stride and make do with what I have. I choose the road less travelled…B)! I call Kevin to bring me in new pants, I leave the lamp off (not the biggest of deals), and I plug my phone in to play the music off instead of the iPod.

We all know the proverb: “Don’t cry over spilt milk” but often it is harder said than done. We may not physically cry, but let’s face it… we can all be known to indulge in an adult version of a tantrum. Whether it’s by snapping at our significant other, or taking it out on our staff. When we look a little closer, we start to notice recurring patterns that we often find ourselves in (how you know is that the external scenarios may change but the internal reactions often stay the same). By choosing the road less travelled, we train ourselves to break these destructive patterns and cycles that no longer serve us. Most importantly, we get to access more of our full potential. What that looked like for me today was being able to be present for our guests during all of the sessions and have a really enjoyable rest of the day. To discover what your version of ‘spilt milk’ is and learn how to break your recurring cycles, register for our Centred Edge – Peak Performance Program (back by popular demand on the 23rd August)!