Last Thursday I’m on my way home from taking the morning meditation session in the studio. I arrive at the train station, walk to the escalator and decide to take my phone out to call someone. As I take my phone out, it slips and falls flat on the ground. Strangely enough, I am totally calm. In fact, I’m simply curious to see whether it’s smashed or not. I pick up my phone and lo and behold the glass is completely cracked. “Ok, that just happened,” I think. Yet still, no emotional reaction. The old me may have been concerned with finding a Phone repair shop, just so I can get the phone fixed as soon as possible. But this time around, for some reason, this didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would.

I start reviewing my options…. I definitely need to get my screen fixed – I’m getting bits of broken glass cutting my fingertips when I try to type. I know where to find wholesale iphone screens so it shouldn’t be too difficult.
So I can either go home now and wait a few days getting frustrated before I finally do something about it, or I can go straight to the phone repair shop now and get it fixed right away. I get to the bottom of the escalator turn around and go back up again. I realise that there is no point in dwelling over it further. The fact is that I dropped my phone and the screen is now cracked – I can’t go back in time and un-drop it. Yes, it’s annoying and a total waste of money, but the sooner I deal with it, the sooner it can be behind me with little disturbance to my life.

And so 45 mins later, I have a new phone screen with a new screen protector (I had thought about getting one for at least a year) and I am able to carry on with my day with minimal fuss. That’s the power of a regular meditation practice and ongoing mindfulness coaching right there. To be honest, it still shocks me every time to witness how much it works! In what situations have you noticed yourself responding differently since you started to meditate regularly? We’d love to hear your stories so please reply and let us know 🙂