Want to know how to change the world? It’s actually pretty simple…. just work on yourself. We’re hoping this won’t come as news to you, but guess what? You’re not perfect 🙂 Don’t worry, neither are we. In fact, the vast majority of us have plenty to work on. And each time we change something about ourselves (we’re talking things on the inside, not the outside), we are making the world a better place. How so? Well, every single thing we do has the potential to impact the world around us. On a macro level it’s obvious, and this video is a beautiful demonstration of that. On a micro level, though, it’s not as obvious. You see, what we say has an impact too. And so does what we express (through body language and facial expressions). What’s more is that what we don’t do, say, or express has an effect too. And what we do or don’t do, say, and express all comes down to what’s happening on the inside.

So how do we alter what’s going on inside? We work on ourselves. Here’s an example of what it looks like to work on oneself (keep in mind that it might be weeks, months, or years between each step):

  1. I discover that sometimes I react a bit abruptly to other people;
  2. I realise that before I react, I feel a bit frustrated;
  3. When I feel frustrated, I notice that there’s a whole host of physical sensations that are accompanied with this feeling;
  4. Before these sensations occur, I perceive that my mind tells me a story that provokes these sensations;
  5. Before my mind tells me a story, I observe that the other person in front of me says something or behaves in a particular manner;
  6. I realise that what the other person has said or done has triggered unresolved experiences from my past;
  7. I start to work through these unresolved experiences through my own continual analysis (which ongoing meditation helps with), or with assistance from a range of different experts and professionals;
  8. The next time somebody says or behaves in a particular way, I don’t react abruptly… I respond appropriately.

You might be thinking, “well I’m just one person, even if I improve myself, there are plenty of other people out there that will keep the world from changing”. The trick is to just focus on yourself. Trust us, those around you will soon notice the changes in you and want what you have too and before you know it, everyone will be working on themselves and the world will be a better place! This week, start with step 1. Just notice what aspects of yourself you might be able to improve…