You might recall a specific line from our Centred sequence: “You are not your thoughts; You are not your emotions; You simply are”. Have you ever found yourself wondering what this really means? Well, here’s the deal…

As you no doubt would have rudely discovered one time or another in our studio whilst melting into one of our armchairs….our brains are wired to think. A lot. Perhaps too much for our liking. In fact, it seems that our minds have inside of them a broken record which constantly delivers a running commentary on our entire lives. From what we should have done differently yesterday to what we might stuff up tomorrow and even to what is frustrating or entertaining us right now, it just. never. stops. So much so that it is easy to start believing that we are indeed this running commentary. That there is no actual separation between ourselves and this running commentary. That this running commentary is who we are. So, this might come as news to some of you, but, guess what? It isn’t! There exists a you which is utterly distinct from the thoughts and emotions which you experience. Don’t believe us?  Well, what are you thinking about right now? It might be a judgement as to whether this concept resonates with you or not, it might be a critique as to how you would have articulated this concept better, it might be a tangent about a time when you learned or experienced this before, or it might be about whatever else it is that you should be doing right now. It doesn’t matter what you were thinking about. The point is that if you can think about what you are thinking about, then you are not the thinking itself. There must a ‘you’ thinking about ‘your mind’.

The more that you experience this concept first hand, the more that you realise it to be true, and the more that you can harness the power that this knowledge offers. Truly understanding and experiencing this notion is your key to becoming the master of your thoughts instead of being their constant victim. So try to catch yourself thinking as much as possible this week to strengthen the awareness that you are not your thoughts, nor are you your emotions…You simply are.