You know that sense you get when something just doesn’t ‘feel’ right? It’s somewhat of an intuition, and we often experience it in our gut. Well it turns out that this isn’t just wishy washy hippy nonsense. There is some science behind it too! Basically, there is a part of the brain called the basal ganglia whose function we understand is to gather information on everything that we do in life and help us make decisions based on this information. Since the basal ganglia is part of our inner, more primitive brain, which is not connected at all to our verbal cortex (part of our more evolved part of the brain), it means that none of this information can be relayed to us in the form of words. The basal ganglia is however connected to our emotional centre of the brain and to our gut, so it relays the information to us in the form of feelings. This explains why we experience that gut instinct numerous times a day. And this is why you should trust it!