Here are some fascinating stats:

  • The average user checks their phone 150 times a day;
  • The average time a user checks their phone is 9 times an hour;
  • ‘Highest frequency users’ check their phones once every 6 seconds;
  • Users look at their phone the most between 5pm – 8pm;
  • The average user is on their phone for 3 hours and 16 minutes a day.

Let’s face it: smart phones have completely revolutionised our lives. We carry around all the information ever known to mankind in our pockets, and have access to anything we could ever desire at our fingertips. Think about how much time we save by reading that email on the loo, replying to that text on the way to our office, paying that bill whilst waiting for our coffee.

But on the flip side, how much time do we waste as a result? Did we need to scroll through our Facebook feed for the second time that hour? Did we need to check those work emails on the train on the way home from work?

And how many times have we found ourselves checking Instagram without even recalling unlocking our phones. Why is it that we mindlessly check our phones so often? Are we afraid of being alone with our thoughts, afraid of making eye contact with that person standing opposite us in the elevator, afraid of looking like we have no friends?

Our challenge to you this week is the following…the next time you find yourself unlocking your phone, check in to see if you are acting consciously or mindlessly. Is there actually something that requires urgent attention, or could you use this spare moment as an opportunity to get centred? To take a few mindful breaths, to look up and notice that beautiful parrot in the trees, or to smile at that fellow human being passing you on the street. We’d like to believe that your life will be enhanced as a result, but at the very least, you will avoid some of those awkward situations in the hilarious video below (once you get past the advertisement)…