Photo credit: Carly Earl

Source: Central Sydney Magazine
Writer: James Gorman

Visit a place where the only stress is on peaceful meditation

STRESSED out professionals can kick off their shoes, loosen their ties and unwind at Sydney’s first drop-in meditation studio.

Whether it’s financial burden, relationship troubles, work deadlines or even traffic congestion, everyone has triggers which bring on stress.

Realising there was a gap in the market, founder of Centred Meditation Kevin Jankelowitz has combined ancient tradition with modern techniques to create a 30minute drop-in meditation studio where clients can unburden their stress without having to break a sweat.

“In today’s society we are more overworked and under pressure than ever before and the stress from work can be made worse with things happening in our personal lives,” he said.

“Meditation is backed by scientific evidence which shows that it does reduce stress and increases productivity and I wanted to make that ancient tool accessible to urban professionals in a way that is contemporary and dignified.

“Left unchecked, we become more susceptible to a range of health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, insomnia, and fatigue.

“We are very much catering to clients who want to drop into the studio and have a quick meditation session.”

Mr Jankelowitz said it wouldn’t take long for clients to quickly become addicted to the results of his urban meditation.

“You turn up and sit in comfortable arm chairs, because we appreciate there will be clients who don’t want to put their $2000 suit on the ground,” Mr Jankelowitz said.

“Pop your phone on silent. Grab a cup of tea and just get settled in.”

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