Why meditate?
Society is moving at an exponential rate, and we are more time-poor, under pressure, and over-worked than ever before. Our fight/flight mode is triggered incessantly throughout the day, and it is causing undue stress to be built up in our physiology. It’s no secret that stress causes disease, not to mention disturbed sleep, digestion issues, fatigue, and the list goes on. Countless scientific studies have proven that meditation counters stress and can relieve some of these issues.

What is Centred Meditation?
Centred Meditation is a guided meditation drop-in studio for urban professionals. It is a tranquil urban sanctuary right in the heart of the CBD. The studio is free from chanting, prayer, and religious affiliation, and has been specially designed to give all the senses the cues they need to relax: comfortable armchairs, natural surround sound, diffused soothing scents, and warm calming tea. Our short 30 min meditation sessions are conveniently scheduled before and after work, as well as during lunchtime.