Dropping In: A Meditation Journal


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Whether new to meditation or a seasoned meditator, The Mellow Mind’s thoughtfully composed Dropping In meditation journal with its minimal aesthetic, provides a unique and inviting space to reflect upon the practice of dropping in.

Honouring the meditation experience, it serves as a valuable archive for contemplation, provides an opportunity for real insight into personal practice, and delivers a pathway to awaken, and make conscious, wisdom that motivates inspired action forward.

Created by a meditator (our very own Centred Meditation facilitator, Danyah Preston) for meditators, it features a purpose-designed interior to inspire and enrich the art of inner stillness, synergising creative expression and utility that translates into a polished, highly functional and user-friendly meditation diary for both men and women.

Designed to be inclusive of countless meditation styles and in an open schedule-free format, Dropping In makes an ideal supplement for practitioners of meditation or yoga — including mindfulness based programs and teacher trainings — facilitating an effortless user experience for recording the core elements of practice with minimal distraction, whilst providing ample space to express any insights, challenges and general observations.

A perfect meditation gift or keepsake for anyone exploring meditation.



Purpose designed. Created by a meditator for meditators!
Effortless. Thanks to the inclusion of core elements and highly functional layout.
Less distraction. Technology-free! Stop technology breaking your ‘flow’.
Engaging. Writing by hand is a powerful tool for learning, relaxation, creativity and connection.
Minimalist aesthetic. Contemporary design that speaks to both men and women.
Inclusive. Suitable for journaling countless meditation styles.
Keepsake. Makes for a perfect keepsake or gift.



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