Are you ready for calm, clarity and focus? Do you want to reduce the mental chatter and control your stress and anxiety?


Effortless Meditation is super easy, highly enjoyable, and very effective.

Learn to enjoy the present moment and change your world, one breath at a time.

At Centred Meditation we guide and teach an Effortless Meditation technique.

There are many different types of meditation taught both in the East and the West which require anything from an extreme to a moderate degree of concentration and mental control. When learning these types of meditation, practitioners often experience a sense of failure and frustration in not being able to meditate correctly nor experience the true relief and results they are after.

By contrast, at Centred Meditation we teach an Effortless Meditation technique which requires no form of concentration or mental control at all. Practitioners don’t have to “switch their mind off”, “think of nothing”, nor “clear their mind of all thoughts”. What’s more, the Effortless Meditation technique is extremely easy to learn and practice, feels really enjoyable to do, and the benefits in the mind and body are noticed very quickly.

Our form of Effortless Meditation is completely non-religious, is practiced sitting comfortably in a chair or on the couch, and can be practiced by ANYONE (especially those that have a highly active ‘monkey mind’).



1. Effortless Meditation

Grounded in hundreds of years of continuing practice, and backed by thousands of scientific research studies, Effortless Meditation is super easy, highly enjoyable, and very effective. This guided meditation will teach you what our Effortless Meditation technique is and why it is so easy and enjoyable.

2. Letting go

As the title suggests, this guided Effortless Meditation practice is all about letting go. Letting go of the things that are no longer serving us. Letting go of our worries. And as a result, creating space to welcome in the things that we do want to bring into our life.

3. Acceptance

Acceptance is a powerful tool that can help us stay calm and present. This guided Effortless Meditation practice will have you connect with your moment-to-moment experience of now, whilst also assisting you in cultivating a mindset of acceptance.

4. Empathy & compassion

Empathy and compassion are instrumental in building and maintaining social-emotional intelligence. This guided Effortless Meditation practice will experientially assist you in cultivating empathy and compassion for both yourself and those around you.

5. Mindful eating

Mindful eating involves eating in a calm and  relaxed fashion and giving your meal your full attention such as noticing the colours, smells, flavours and textures of the food you eat. This guided Effortless Meditation will experientially assist you in the art and benefit of eating with present moment awareness.

6. Creating your life

This guided Effortless Meditation practice is all about connecting you to what matters most to you. During the practice, you’ll get connected to how you want your life to both look and feel, as well as the contribution that you want to make to those around you.

7. Live meditation

After six days of guided Effortless Meditations we now invite you to join us in a live Effortless Meditation session with one of our Centred Meditation teacher training graduates. Enjoy the real-time experience of our Centred community and witness how different facilitators create different journeys.




I was in my third year of my Psych undergraduate degree at University. My final exams were coming up and I was highly anxious. I had a tight chest, a tense back, digestive issues, and I couldn’t stop worrying about the future. Enter Effortless Meditation. Prior to learning, I had always thought it was too difficult for someone with such an active mind like myself. Yet to my surprise, I found it to be easy, enjoyable, and effective.

With a regular, daily practice of effortless meditation, a whole host of benefits began to emerge. I was less anxious, more resilient to stress, and my digestion improved. As a result, I was calmer, happier, and more centred in all aspects of my life. So I started to tell Kevin about it…



I was working a pretty intense job with long hours and heavy responsibility. On the outside I was thriving – I was in a great relationship, was successful in my role, and had a healthy social life – yet the inside painted a different picture. I had this constant tightness in my chest, violent nightmares, almost daily headaches, and recurring bouts of glandular fever. Nikki had been telling me about meditation for ages, but I always thought it would just hippy nonsense!

In hiding, I began to practice Effortless Meditation every day. I couldn’t believe what I discovered. Within three weeks, the anxiety was gone, the nightmares stopped, and my headaches dissipated. What’s more, I realised I wasn’t the only one. Turns out there are thousands of scientific research papers all giving rise to the powerful benefits of meditation on health and wellbeing. I should’ve listened to Nikki earlier!



A year later we quit our jobs and headed to the region where meditation originated: South Asia. It was a wild journey! From meditating in caves, to living in Ashrams, going on silent retreats, and having teachings with the Dalai Lama and other Gurus, Swamis and Rishis. At some point we realised that whilst all the spiritual knowledge and religious doctrine were fascinating and uber valuable – they simply weren’t required for the meditation itself to work. As modern scientific research dictates, meditation is a simple mental technique that when practiced regularly, has immense physical and psychological benefit to one’s health and wellbeing.

We mused how great it would be if more people like us could access the profound effects that meditation has to offer without the usual misconceptions and barriers that get in the way. Two years later, Centred Meditation was born in June 2015. Since our inception, we’ve hosted thousands of people in our urban sanctuary and are continually pleased by the quick and powerful effects that our Effortless Meditation technique has in their lives.


Kevin’s light, upbeat style is immediately engaging and leads you expertly into this easy, enjoyable and incredibly effective style of meditation. You’ll soon witness the power of Effortless Meditation on developing a greater sense of acceptance, on releasing stuff that no longer serves you and on viewing yourself with more compassion and others with a greater degree of empathy. One year on, these are guided meditations I return to week in, week out, and they continue to work their profound magic.


Meditating regularly has brought me peace, clarity and confidence and has opened my eyes to my subconscious beliefs that were like barriers for my personal growth.


I really really enjoyed the 7 day Mind Makeover.

I loved how easy it was to Effortlessly meditate. Nothing to focus on that was challenging, just all very fluid and easy and relaxing. I can really see myself using this meditation style every day.



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