Centred Meditation has been an integral part of my daily work life for over two years. It’s hard to express just how significant an impact this commitment has on my life: I am able to focus; to ride through stressful periods with ease; have far greater control and awareness of my emotions, and have deeper relationships with those around me.

It is such a convenient studio and welcoming environment that there really isn’t anything stopping you from making this life-changing adjustment to your life!


Accountant (Financial Services)

“Arriving at Centred Meditation for the first time, I was immediately struck by the ambient serenity of the space and welcoming, non-intrusive nature. It was perfect for what I needed. I decided to attend every morning and quickly noticed a change. Months later, I can see that my life has not changed, if anything it has become more complex, but I have. I have become a calmer person, less reactive to daily challenges and more reflective on how I behave. I have noticed myself quietly giving myself a choice on how I react to events in my life, and more often than not, choosing  healthier response/actions. Most importantly, without the decision being made, I have found myself starting my day without the usual anxiety that had become a norm”.



A long-time failure at personal meditation, I was convinced that it was beyond the limits of my monkey mind. How could I possibly concentrate for 20 minutes at a time? Enter Centred Meditation.

Kevin and Nikki who created Centred Meditation have done so with people like me in mind. They understand the challenges that individuals face in finding the time, space and – honestly – motivation to meditate, especially with so many different priorities, including business.

From the first session, I was hooked. The space is sensory perceptive, isolating you into a little cocoon of space, whilst being non-judgemental and filled with love. I immediately felt like I was coming home.

After a week, my family noted “you’re a lot more calm than usual, what’s happened?”. It was the meditation. Finally, I was able to give my mind and my spirit some peace, some space just To Be.

Because of the meditation, I feel connected with what I can only describe as a “happy flow”. For no reason at all, I feel hopeful, connected, positive and powerful. I am much more creative and calm at work, more compassionate and forgiving in all aspects of my life, and all my relationships flow more smoothly. I doubt myself less, because the meditation helps me to trust who I am.

I was introduced to Centred Meditation by a workmate, and at the commencement of every single session, when we acknowledge “whatever it took to get you here”, I thank the Universe for bringing us together.


Marketing Manager

I wanted to give meditation a try after my physio mentioned it would help me with my back pain after an injury last year. I enjoyed mediation right from my first session – and it has really helped me. Since making Centred Meditation part of my daily routine, I feel calmer throughout the day, coping much better than I used to in stressful situations. Most importantly, it has helped me deal with my back pain much better.


Marketing & Advertising

The first time I attended the studio I was struck by how serene it was and how welcoming Kevin and Nikki were.  It’s also very helpful that the location is so central in the CBD.  Even after just the very first guided meditation, the impact was significant.  A noticeable improvement in sense of wellbeing, decreased internal monologue and a heightened sense of calm mean that I’m happier and more productive.


Financial Services

I have found Centred Meditation so valuable in helping me to focus on what is important and stress less about insignificant things.  It is great to take time out from a high pressure role and come back feeling completely refreshed.  The staff make you feel relaxed and calm immediately upon entering into the studio.


Professional Services Support

Centred Meditation was my first experience with guided meditation. My first week was very calming whilst during my second week i felt a bigger difference within. I did not feel the difference during the process but after when travelling back home. I felt more relaxed, peace and more connection with myself with less thoughts in my head. Also, after two weeks I felt improvement in my sleeping pattern.



I have tried to meditate myself but never really succeeded. Centred Meditation has really helped me with the process. After attending three days in a row I really felt more centred, calm and able to deal with daily issues. Problems seemed to roll off me rather than affect me and I found myself breathing deeper, feeling more connected with myself and having less mind chatter.


Marketing & Communications

I’ve always been a terrible sleeper, waking up constantly throughout the night. A case of having too much on the mind and never being able to focus in prior attempts to meditate on my own at home, I didn’t quite believe that meditation had any legitimate effects or benefits. After my first guided meditation in a very welcoming, nurturing and peaceful environment amid the chaos of the CBD, I went home instantly happier, more relaxed and quite miraculously slept through the whole night. This small success has been ongoing and has had a tremendous affect on my day-to-day energy and state of mind.


Branding & Consulting

Centred Meditation is lunch for my mind. It helps slow me down and become more mindful for the afternoon. I have also started a daily meditation regime in the morning after waking up. My long term aim is to use mediation to become more mindful and focused. Centred meditation gives me the tools I need.


Investment Banking

By including meditation in my work day, I have noticed my ability to deal with stress has significantly improved. My reactions in difficult situations are calmer and more measured. In short, I seem to be a nicer person! Physically, I have also noticed improvements, with a decrease in number of tension headaches and an improvement in shoulder and neck pain.


Financial Services

I’m much more ‘present’ and aware of and ‘in’ my environment when I leave the sessions and feel lighter, walk taller. I go back to work more focussed to face the afternoons, and have also been sleeping better!



I feel more relaxed in my day to day life even in the short time that I have been going [to Centred Meditation]. I have a very stressful job which causes me a lot of anxiety during the day, I find the lunch time sessions help me to realign my centre and offer a calming influence. It has also brought me an inner peace which I have not experienced for a very long time.



When I first discovered Centred Meditation, I had just started my first full time job in the legal profession. Since I had suffered from some anxiety in the past, I was pretty worried about how I was going to manage the stress and pressure that is so often associated with legal work so I thought that this would be a perfect time to incorporate meditation into my lifestyle. And the results have been absolutely wonderful. I have not experienced any of the anticipated angst that is usually associated with starting a new job. I come out of the sessions feeling a calm and ease that is unlike any other stress release strategy that I’ve ever tried before. Nikki and Kevin have created an absolute urban sanctuary and my experience with Centred Mediation has been truly life changing. Every time I leave the studio I feel recharged and ready to face anything.



I’ve tried to form a meditation habit before at home, but never succeeded. Centred Meditation has provided me with a space full of kind, supportive people, with meditation sessions that I truly enjoy coming to. Ever since beginning the sessions, I now actually look forward to meditating rather than seeing it as a chore, and have definitely felt the benefits. I’ve been going through a tough time with my health, and I’ve really felt an improvement in the way I handle this stress.



A high profile role in an extremely high performance world places stresses on our mind and spirit in ways we can not readily recognise. Guided and centred meditation has created the mind space for me to ground myself in the harmony and balance which comes from our inner peace and strength. Since coming to the mind and body sanctuary in the Centred Meditation facilities, I have seen my blood pressure drop by 15 points and experienced the heightened  clarity of purpose in my professional and personal life. Kevin, Nikki and Nadya are extremely well-suited to match the guided sessions with the energy in the room in ways which makes you feel like you are the only student in attendance. The results have been significant to me personally and people who matter in my world.


Power & Utilities

I have been thinking about meditating for a long time but didn’t do anything about it until I found Centred Meditation. Conveniently located in the CBD I have now been going 3-4 times per week for about five months. The benefits are phenomenal – I concentrate better, sleep better and feel generally calmer and less stressed. The studio is lovely and all the team are very supportive.


Senior Executive

Centred Meditation has helped me gain increased clarity and focus whilst also providing a comfortable environment to simply chill out and relax. Nikki, Kevin and Kieran are a pleasure to deal with and have a real passion for what they do which makes attending regular meditation practice an absolute joy. Centred Meditation offers the ideal sanctuary in the middle of the city for those looking to bring about feelings of calm and heightened energy and awareness.


Financial Services

I find attending morning Centred Meditation sessions makes me feel much calmer and more optimistic for the start of my working day. After an hour of bustling train travel to the city a tranquil, very welcoming friendlly environment awaits and a meditation session that is delivered in a very calm and caring manner. Previously I would be racing to work and would  often feel tired or stressed. So now the day feels brighter! It is very reassuring in this world to find people that genuinely care – Thankyou Nikki and Kevin.



Centred Meditation is a sanctuary in the middle of the city, that is a great escape from a busy life. Nikki and Kevin both really care about their members and take time out to get to know you and have a chat. The weekly emails are a great source of insight and research as well! Highly recommend Centred Meditation to everyone!


Financial Services

I’ve been coming to Centred Meditation on an almost daily basis for a few months, originally with the goal of reducing blood pressure.  The benefits though have definitely gone beyond blood pressure management! I feel calmer, more able to deal with things, more mentally aware, and more productive than I was before I started meditating, and my partner says he’s noticed that I no longer “sweat the small stuff”. The Centre itself is a place of calm and friendliness – some wonderful conversations take place over a glass of tea as we all gather before the meditation starts. Nikki, Kevin, and Kieran are such lovely people and absolutely wonderful at guiding the meditations, each in their own style.


Environmental Consultancy

I have been told for years to try meditation but I was always intimidated by the concept. My chiropractor told me it would help lower back problems that may have been contributed to by years of working in investment banking and mainly being at a desk. I’ve now been going to Centred Meditation three times a week for a few months. The staff are always very welcoming and professional and are conscious of peoples time and I love the relaxed atmosphere and the new teas on offer each day. I can safely say that is the best thing I have done for myself personally in years and it makes me realise that I can stop and slow down and assists my sleep and stress levels.


Financial Services

Making time for meditation has helped me through a really busy period in life. It’s a great start to my day and the team have created a calm space where I can get to know like-minded people. Mindfulness is definitely a work in progress, and for me it’s now just as important as regular exercise, if not more.


Marketing & Communications

The main changes I’ve noticed are that I leave every session feeling a lot calmer and more relaxed then when I went in. It’s only after a session that you truly appreciate how wound up you actually were. The accumulative effect of doing multiple sessions means that I notice I am now calmer going into the sessions and my overall stress levels are much lower than they would normally be. That transfers back to my desk where I am calmer throughout my day and have better clarity for dealing with problems as they arise throughout my day.

Nikki and Kevin are both a very warm and inviting partnership. They have created a beautiful environment in their Centred Meditation space which blends comfort, sounds, smells and taste with their daily warm teas to welcome you to each session. You can’t help but instantly relax as soon as you walk into their space and can tell as soon as you meet them both that they care about their craft and the well-being of their clients.


Financial Services

I’ve been attending Centred Meditation for a few months now and meditation has become a necessary part of my working week. Meditation assists me to focus well at work and to sleep well too. Centred Meditation is a tranquil space and Nikki and Kevin are skilled meditation facilitators. 30 minutes of meditation is a great escape in a hectic day. Thank you, Kevin and Nikki, for making meditation accessible to everyone.


Legal Services

After attending my first guided meditation I noticed a difference. Peace, clarity, focus — is what I’ve found to have really developed since attending on average twice a week for a few months. Each time, the effort to get there is well worth it. Committing has been a simple and easy habit to form, which I’ve found helps mitigate the inevitable stress of the working week. Nikki and Kevin have put a lot of effort and time into creating a comfortable space that is perfectly catered to allow someone working in the city to infuse some peace and clarity into their working week. It’s the perfect mix of private and personal, organised and relaxed, flexible and structured.


Legal Services

I meditate at home regularly, but find it extremely hard working in the city to find space and quiet that allows me to meditate during the day. Centred Meditation has been my lunch time sanctuary, being so close to my office and perfectly timed during lunch to re-centre myself in between my busy day. Since meditating at lunch time I have noticed my morning’s bad mood disappear, my mind clearer and focused through the afternoon, more energy and much calmer when responding to challenging situations. The days that I don’t go to meditation I truly notice a difference in my mood, focus and reactions. The studio is so peaceful and cosy and it’s a great escape when I need some me-time to just breathe and re-group during the day.


Project Management

An afternoon session at the Centred meditation studio is the best part of my day. Having battled anxiety for a couple of years, I could not have asked for a better gift than being able to practice meditation right in middle of the CBD, close to where I work. I have been a regular attendee over the past few months and I have seen anxiety levels dropping in addition to gaining increased energy levels, more joy and a greater sense of appreciation for the little things in life. What makes Centred Meditation a class apart from the rest is its overall 5 star ambiance, calm comforting surroundings, the luxury of being able to meditate amidst the calming sounds of a water fountain, the invigorating essential oils and the soothing voice of Nikki and Kevin who are absolutely down to earth and are always willing to help you in taking your meditation to the next level.


Financial Services

The studio is a friendly and tranquil space in the city where you always feel welcomed by Nikki and Kevin, it smells amazing and is a safe comfortable place to relax whilst enjoying a fresh tea and some much needed quiet time. Practicing meditation has given me more clarity of mind and control over emotions. The challenges and stresses of daily life are still there but I feel more equipped to deal with them and more able to take a step back which has helped me in both my professional and personal life.


Financial Services

I look forward to my 30 minutes during the working day where I can visit Centred Meditation and know for that time I can completely switch off in a peaceful, relaxing environment. I have always known the wonderful benefits of meditation but until now I found it hard to fit it in effectively into my day but as Centred Meditation is in such a convenient location I can now escape the office and pop in during lunch. I have definitely felt the benefits of meditating daily like being more positive, having more clarity and generally feeling like anything is possible. Thanks to the team for being so welcoming and friendly.


Marketing Executive

I first became interested in meditation after reading “How To Train A Wild Elephant – Lessons In Mindfulness”. A great book (and worth a read!) –while  I tried some of the exercises and various Apps, I never really succeeded in creating a personal practice on my own. Then, I found Centred Meditation. Nikki and Kevin have created an amazing centre of Zen in the middle of Sydney CBD – complete with teas from India, cushions, a water fountain and guided meditations that have changed my life. Check it out – it may just change yours…


Financial Services

Centred Meditation has given me a new perspective on how to deal with challenges on a daily basis. The techniques the guys use are basic, it’s very easy to follow the session and they are always willing to chat one on one to help you get the most out of the mediation. The best part is that I can now apply the techniques outside of meditation and feel the difference in difficult situations. It’s amazing how much half an hour a day can make to my day. The set up they have (comfy armchairs and blankets) also makes it a very calm and tranquil place. Thanks team!


Legal Services

I have long been a devotee of yoga and hence had experienced meditation in that context, however being a city worker in the often stressful legal sector meant that my yoga practice was much like the rest of my life – rushed, squeezed in wherever I could fit it, with the mind body spirit connection tenuous at best.  Many times over recent months I felt that fate was leading me towards a dedicated meditation practice but somehow the general busyness of life always got in the way.  Until I found Centred Meditation – it’s only been two weeks and already I know that I will never look back.  From my first session during my lunch hour, I felt incredible benefits – I would never have thought that a mere 30 minutes out of my day could make such a difference.  I now find myself able to deal with situations that previously would have sparked anxiety, fear, restlessness etc. – my perspective is different and my capacity for calm and clarity is at levels I wouldn’t have thought possible.  In summary, I’m no longer sweating the small stuff!  My cherished yoga practice is already much improved as well. 🙂  I look forward to my visits to the studio every day, Nikki and Kevin are so warm and welcoming, and it truly has become my little sanctuary in the midst of the often chaotic corporate world


Legal Services

I’ve been regularly attending Centred Meditation for 2 months. It wasn’t immediately a peaceful experience- at times I left more in touch with negative emotions. But this lead me to do some much needed reflection. The more I attended, the better I felt, or more to the point, the less and less concerned I was with whatever emotion I happened to be feeling that day. This has been the lasting benefit of meditation so far: that I don’t feel as buoyed about by circumstances, thoughts or feelings- even very negative ones. I feel more firmly planted on the ground, more awake, like I’m taking reality in through a clearer lens. I feel more present in conversations, more patient, more at peace with day to day life and less attached to any particular idea of myself. Kevin and Nikki are warm, professional, reliable people. They have created a very healing space for your mind to, in their words “debug.” It’s a pleasure to attend.



I’ve been regularly attending the guided meditation sessions for about 4 months now. I’ve noticed that I feel calmer, have more clarity and I am more productive. The studio is a very relaxing, calm, comfortable sanctuary away from the distractions of busy lives. Nikki and Kevin are very friendly and welcoming. I love the calming teas and the armchairs are so relaxing and comfortable, you immediately feel at ease. I think everyone could benefit from meditation and attending the guided meditation sessions makes it easier to keep doing it on a regular basis.


Manufacturing Industry

As a knowledge worker in a law firm, I spend much of my work day thinking – more ‘in my head’ than ‘in my body’.  So a meditation session is just what I need to re-balance my energy after a busy morning in the office.  With its comfy chairs, low lighting and complimentary drinks (think coconut water and rooibos tea), the vibe at Centred Meditation is welcoming and soothing.  During the guided meditation, I shift out of my sympathetic nervous system  – and into my parasympathetic nervous system.  After just a 30 minute session,  I feel calm, centred and re-energised.  I don’t experience the post-lunch time slump anymore and I’m more focused and productive back in the office in the afternoon. Nikki and Kevin’s meditation sessions have changed the whole flavour of my work days.


Legal Services

From the moment I first stepped into Centred Meditation I knew that it would transform my thoughts, feelings and emotions to the stresses and impacts of each day.  When I arrive at Centred Meditation after the “hurry” of my work, I am always met by the gentle, caring and welcoming presence of the instructor who will guide me through the meditation.  The inner feeling that I have entered a sanctuary wells within me.  The soft lighting, the tranquil water sounds and gentle music, the pleasant fragrance, the taste of the refreshing waters and tea and the relaxing armchair all act in unison to clear my mind and direct my awareness to the 30 minutes of calm or clarity that lies before me.  The benefits of regular practice at Centred Meditation have been very transformative for me.  I am now more effectively able to concentrate my energies on the issues which truly matter in each day and not get distracted and directed off course by those that do not.  I have found that I can make considered decisions much more quickly than I have ever done.  I also feel increased engagement with the people around me in all aspects of my life across each day.


Legal Services

Thank you Centred Meditation! You have provided a service that not only focuses on centering your participants but also seeks to empower us by providing us with the confidence and tools to ensure we are always well equipped to handle life’s challenges and opportunity with a high degree of clarity, focus and serenity. You have never touted that meditation is meant to be the “cure all” but when I step into one of your sessions, it sure feels that way!


Financial Services

I love coming to Centred Meditation. It helps bring some calm to my week and work days. Centred Meditation is located walking distance from my office so its a great way to break up the day and gets me away from my desk. After each session I feel refreshed, focused and rejuvenated. I also feel its brought more calm to my life in general. Nikki and Kevin are always so welcoming helping me get settled in and making sure I have some lovely fresh brewed tea before and after my meditation session. The chairs and surroundings of the studio are so awesome and relaxing. Our little city oasis.


Start Up Support Specialist

My husband was the first one to join classes at Centred Meditation. This is when I noticed its powerful effect on his mood and stress levels. Recently I changed jobs and felt the need to regain a sense of calmness and peace. Centred Meditation became the perfect place for me to unwind after a busy day. Nikki and Kevin have created a true sanctuary in the middle of the city. It is always with great pleasure I visit their studio and with even more pleasure and calmness I leave it to enjoy the rest of the day.



I’ve been attending Centred Meditation regularly for the last 18 months and it’s changed my life! I opened my own Physio clinic around the same time and as a new business owner I was wearing a lot of different hats- marketing, accounts, systems, processes, reception duties & general admin as well as treating patients.

The stress of all this meant I was struggling to sleep and couldn’t really concentrate or focus. Luckily I heard of Centred Meditation and having never tried meditation before, I was surprised at how quickly I started to feel the benefits. I was immediately sleeping better and gradually started to get more clarity and could concentrate far better!

With its comfortable setting, convenient session times and amazing guided meditation, I can’t recommend the team at Centred Meditation enough.


Physiotherapist, Fix Physio

I had read about the benefits of meditation but couldn’t seem to get into a consistent habit by myself, even with the help of a good App. A colleague recommended Centred Meditation and straightaway, from downloading the app to setting up my account and booking the sessions, it was easy and stress free ! The room is calm and cosy, the welcome warm but not “in your face” and the attention to detail to ensure client comfort is significant. It is clear through every interaction, whether in person or via the app, the CM team really care about each and every client. The sessions have calmed my “monkey mind” and given me techniques to deal with the stresses that come my way. I can’t recommend  Centred Meditation highly enough.



I find Centred Meditation the perfect most peaceful space to practise meditation in the middle of a busy day in the CBD. The 30 min practice in this beautiful studio helps me slow down, rest and connect with myself every day. I feel much more present, less anxious and more aware of myself and others.


Professional Services

Centred Meditation is a truly unique, heartfelt and beautiful practice. When I first walked into the centre I felt immediately at peace and joyful. You could not ask for a more perfect and welcoming environment and group of people. I now look forward to work each day because I know that I will be able to spend a wonderful half hour at meditation. On arrival I am always greeted by the welcoming smile and conversation of Kevin or Kieran, treat myself to the consistently delicious herbal tea, then settle into one of the armchairs with comfy cushion and blanket, to relax my mind, feed my soul and awaken my imagination. I have felt many benefits since starting with Centred Meditation, including  feeling more calm, focused and positive at work, dealing with stress and fatigue more easily, and sleeping a lot better.


Production Services

Ever since my first session I have noticed a huge difference in my overall state of calmness. I used to stress about every little thing, was worried and anxious and found it hard to relax. This has vastly improved over the last couple months of meditation.
I love this center, the staff are all so friendly and welcoming, beverages are delicious and the atmosphere is so nice. I feel a sense of calmness by just simply arriving.
My sleep has improved, my focus at work is better and most importantly, I feel happier.

Legal Industry

Since I started attending Centred Meditation lunchtime meditations I’ve noticed a huge change in how I manage stress both at work and also at home.  The half hour away from the phones and emails is something I now look forward to and it’s making a big difference in how I cope with pressure.

To begin with, the changes were noticeable at work, I could face the second half of the day with renewed energy and positivity.  The more classes I’ve taken, I’ve noticed that it’s really affected my overall wellbeing, I am more calm in general – both at work and with my children after work.

I’ve struggled for years to find ways to help cope with stress and I’m really grateful to have found Centred Meditation, it’s a really welcoming environment and a peaceful haven in the CBD.


Recruitment Consultant

I have meditated regularly at the studio for the past year and have received amazing benefits from a consistent commitment to my meditation practice. It has significantly helped me navigate a very high paced and high stress work environment with calm and focus- and the convenience of the studio to my office has made it so easy to get there every time. Thank you Nikki and Kevin for making this so accessible for so many people.


I have been coming to the centre for 2 months and it has made a huge difference to my overall mental clarity and mental state.
I started off with very little meditation experience.
The studio is so welcoming and not intimidating at all.  It makes meditation so accessible and achievable.
Nikki, Kevin and all the instructors are all so warm, friendly and very supportive.
I look forward to my sessions and it’s my preferable lunchtime activity.
I have now made meditation an integral part of my lifestyle and actually miss it and feel the difference when I’m meditating daily.

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