Is it possible to cheat the slot machines?

Most of these strategies do not stand up to common sense scrutiny even at first approximation. Some initially seem not stupid, but in practice do not work.

Finding a pattern in slot machines

The idea is to observe the results of the spins over time and find some kind of pattern of behavior of the slot machine.

More often than not, believers in this strategy look for some kind of pattern or "zigzag" in the form of symbols that the slot gives out. It is believed that when the machine is "ready" to issue a big win, it begins to give some signs in the form of these "zigzags.

This is a complete nonsense. As stated above, each slot machine spin is a completely independent event. And the parameters of this event are determined by a random number generator.

Money Management System

Another popular strategy in new aus casino involves not following the slots, but controlling the money expenditure. Proponents of this concept propose to set goals for winning and limit the cost of losing.

The basis of this strategy is very dubious (if not to call it absolutely delusional) idea that the slot machines gradually come to give out a lot of winnings. That is, in essence it exploits the same fallacy as in the previous paragraph.

Players expect that the machines are gradually "warming up" before giving out big winnings. And according to this second strategy at this moment it is necessary to spend money on new bets. If the machine is "cold", i.e. there are no signs of the upcoming big payout, it is necessary to limit bets.

A popular strategy of this kind has to do with the number 60%

You determine your game budget. And then you have to get out of the game if you lose or win 60% of that budget. There is another condition in this system. If you have not won anything after 10 consecutive spins, you are out of the game.

Play and Run

A very popular strategy on all kinds of forums. Its essence is that for each slot to spend no more than a certain short period of time.

For example, for each slot machine need to spend no more than 5 or 10 minutes. Some advise to divide your entire planned gaming budget in parts that allow you to play 5 or 10 minutes for each slot machine.

Regardless of whether you have won something or not, after a specified amount of time you have to change the slot machine.

What justifies such a strategy is not clear. Considering that random number generators inside slot machines do not work according to a schedule, it is impossible to achieve any effect with such a strategy.

Is it possible to beat the slot machines?

Try to relax and enjoy the game. Bet in proportion to the budget that you can really afford. And if you are lucky, you may win. There is no other successful strategy for playing slot machines.