You currently seem to have your work stress under control!

Congratulations, your results show that you currently seem to be managing your work stress quite well. This means that you belong to some 20% of the population who are able to strike a good balance between their work lives and their personal lives. That’s great! Yet, society is moving at an exponential rate and as a result, we are collectively more overworked, under pressure and stressed out than ever before. Racing heart, sweaty palms, adrenalin pumping – sound familiar? This is your stress response in action. It’s no wonder that too much of it brings problems like headaches, asthma, obesity, diabetes, depression, rapid ageing, heart attack and death. But ongoing stress isn’t necessarily a given. There are scientifically proven antidotes to stress. Do you know what they are? Fret no more, the answer is now right at your fingertips.


Watch the video below to learn about the secret antidotes to stress…

Ready To Kick Stress In The Butt?

We have a world first corporate meditation studio right in the heart of the Sydney CBD with:

  • Comfortable armchairs to melt into;
  • Freshly brewed teas to sip on;
  • Natural surround sounds to immerse yourself in;
  • Expert facilitators with soothing voices to listen to.

Our introductory trial allows you to try out the studio as many times as you like for 14 days, and includes our Meditation 101 workshop complimentary for only $29.

What Our Guests Say…

Making time for meditation has helped me through a really busy period in life. Mindfulness is definitely a work in progress, and for me it’s now just as important as regular exercise, if not more.


Marketing & Communications

The accumulative effect of doing multiple meditation sessions is that my overall stress levels are much lower than they would normally be. I am calmer throughout my day and have better clarity for dealing with problems as they arise throughout my day.


Financial Services

After attending my first guided meditation I noticed a difference. Peace, clarity, focus — is what I’ve found to have really developed over the last few months. Committing has been a simple and easy habit to form, which I’ve found helps mitigate the inevitable stress of the working week.


Legal Services

The benefits of regular practice at Centred Meditation have been very transformative for me. I have found that I can make considered decisions much more quickly than I have ever done and I feel increased engagement with the people around me in all aspects of my life across each day.



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