Can’t Quite Switch Off?


Drop-in for a FREE 30 minute guided group meditation session during your lunchtime at our Hunter Street location in the heart of Sydney CBD.



Sessions will be held on Monday (15 June), Tuesday (16 June) & Wednesday (17 June) at 1:15pm sharp.


We’re located in the City Mutual Building (above Rockpool) at: Level 10, 66 Hunter Street, Sydney.


Your first session is FREE. We’re delighted to offer you a complimentary first session.

Go in and come out feeling amazing – it’s effortless!

New to meditation or not, Centred Meditation is the perfect stress relief for a busy, working life. It’s Sydney’s first drop-in guided meditation studio in the heart of the city on Hunter Street.

Relaxing in a luxurious armchair with calming music and guiding energy is the perfect time out after a day full of meetings. It’s totally fresh and mainstream – and accessible to everyone. Plus it’s a great technique to incorporate into your everyday life.

Take a friend along and give it a try, it’s priceless!

Call us on: (02) 8006-1403 for any further information or book today!

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Why Meditate?

It’s simple: stress causes disease, and meditation counters stress. Meditation is proven to trigger a relaxation response in the body which is the polar opposite of the physiological response caused by stress. You will begin to notice the effects immediately.

Signature Studio Experience

Our studio is a tranquil urban sanctuary in the heart of the CBD. It has been specially designed to trigger your senses to relax. Free from chanting, prayer, and religious affiliation, you can melt into our comfortable armchairs and breathe your worries away.

Wellbeing Workout

Our short 30 min meditation sessions are sure to start your day off on the right foot, prevent your afternoon slump, or help you unwind after work. They are conveniently timed to fit into your schedule. Now you have permission to diarise relax time.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Great place to re set your mind and unlock creativity!
Shaun J

Great idea. So important to have this kind of facility in the city.
Janette G

A great way to get focused for the day ahead. I feel great.
Wayne F

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all of the classes suitable for beginners?
Yes. Centred Meditation can be practiced by everyone from absolute beginners to 20 year long meditators.
My mind is too active. I can’t sit still and think of ‘nothing’. Is meditation right for me?
Yes. In fact, you are the perfect candidate to meditate. Our aim is not to think of ‘nothing’ and thoughts during meditation are totally normal. During meditation, the ‘chatter’ that you will ‘hear’ is simply your mind debugging itself. Over time, you will find that your mind becomes calmer and more peaceful, both within your meditation as well as outside in your daily life.
Do I need to sit on the floor?
No. We have extremely comfortable armchairs for you to melt into and breathe your worries away.
Too busy to fit in the time to meditate?
It’s really a matter of priorities. An increasing amount of successful people are choosing to prioritise a few minutes of meditation each day in order to reap the incredible benefits.
Do I need to meditate everyday in order for it to be effective?
The more regularly you meditate, the more results you will feel. However, similarly to exercise, each time you undertake meditation you reap the rewards.
Is it OK if I come late or need to leave a session early?
For the benefit of other meditators, you cannot enter after a session has commenced, nor can you leave early.