Free Tactics To Put You Sound Asleep In Seconds

The Body Scan


Step 1

With your eyes closed, gather your attention and gently rest it on your head.


Step 2

Observe any sensations that you might be able to feel…any tightness, tingling, pressure etc.


Step 3

On your next inhale, imagine the tiny air particles gathering up any tension you might have discovered, and on your next exhale, imagine all the tension flowing out of your body with your breath.


Step 4

When you realise that your mind has wandered off (which it is known to do at least 47% of the time), just gently bring it back to wherever you left off.


Step 5

Move your attention a little bit further down your body and repeat steps 2-4 until you reach your toes.

How It Works

Research has shown that meditation (of which the body scan is a type of) helps improve sleep.


In a study on older adults with sleep disturbances, a meditation program for 6 weeks saw significant improvements in their ability to fall and stay asleep.


Patients from another study with chronic primary insomnia indicated improvements in sleep latency, total sleep time, total wake time, wake after sleep onset, sleep efficiency, sleep quality and depression.


In general, hyperarousal is a causative factor in insomnia. Meditation triggers the relaxation response in the body, which is the polar opposite of the fight/flight response.

Want A Long Term Solution?

We have a contemporary guided meditation drop-in studio for urban professionals right in the heart of the Sydney CBD with:

  • Comfortable armchairs to melt into;
  • Freshly brewed teas to sip on;
  • Natural surround sounds to immerse yourself in;
  • Expert facilitators with soothing voices to listen to.

Our introductory offer allows you to try out the studio as many times as you like for an entire week for only $20.

How Meditation Has Helped Our Clients Improve Their Sleep…

I have been thinking about meditating for a long time but didn’t do anything about it until I found Centred Meditation. Conveniently located in the CBD I have now been going 3-4 times per week for about five months. The benefits are phenomenal – I concentrate better, sleep better and feel generally calmer and less stressed. The studio is lovely and all the team are very supportive.


Senior Executive

Centred Meditation was my first experience with guided meditation. My first week was very calming whilst during my second week i felt a bigger difference within. I did not feel the difference during the process but after when travelling back home. I felt more relaxed, peace and more connection with myself with less thoughts in my head. Also, after two weeks I felt improvement in my sleeping pattern.



I’ve been attending Centred Meditation for a few months now and meditation has become a necessary part of my working week. Meditation assists me to focus well at work and to sleep well too. Centred Meditation is a tranquil space and Nikki and Kevin are skilled meditation facilitators. 30 minutes of meditation is a great escape in a hectic day. Thank you, Kevin and Nikki, for making meditation accessible to everyone.


Legal Services

I’ve always been a terrible sleeper, waking up constantly throughout the night. A case of having too much on the mind and never being able to focus in prior attempts to meditate on my own at home, I didn’t quite believe that meditation had any legitimate effects or benefits. After my first guided meditation in a very welcoming, nurturing and peaceful environment amid the chaos of the CBD, I went home instantly happier, more relaxed and quite miraculously slept through the whole night. This small success has been ongoing and has had a tremendous affect on my day-to-day energy and state of mind.


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